R.K.C. Sports-Complex

[Activation EX] 깊게 앉아 몸통 회전하기 https://youtu.be/uZyQzfMKJzw [Activation EX] 깊게 앉기와 균형 잡기 https://youtu.be/ld2onQeomWM [Activation EX] 손 짚고 엎드린 자세에서 테이블 자세 연결 동작 https://youtu.be/ZV2mBXU4zL8 [Activation EX] 웅크린 짐승 자세 연속 동작


Explanation in English

[Activation EX] Trunk Rotation in Deep Squat Position https://youtu.be/DtxqqErcJLQ [Activation EX] Deep Squat and Balance https://youtu.be/C2M1_mgwMuE [Activation EX] Hand Plank to Table Top Pose Sequence https://youtu.be/hKSuNt3kaws [Activation EX] Loaded Beast Pose Sequence